Spices for the restaurant industry and for households

10095 Madras curry

Curry is a mix of spices which carries the warmth and exoticism of the faraway countries of South Asia. It may contain coriander, ginger, turmeric, cardamom, black pepper, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, and other aromatic ingredients in different proportions, depending on the individual tastes and the region from which it originates. Originally, it was used in India, but was later integrated in the cuisines of most southeast countries, and branched into numerous variants. Its popularity today is due to the English colonizers who brought it back home from India in the 17th and 18th c.

11031 Capers

Capers are the small heart-shaped buds of the unopened blossoms of the beautiful Mediterranean shrub called Capparis spinosa (the caper bush). They lend a fine taste to many dishes and excite the appetite. Capers are used in a large number of cold sauces such as tartare, remoulade, ravigote, the Italian Salsa Verde, in various spicy meat and fish sauces.

36030 Fish breading

It forms a golden crispy crust in roasting and frying and preserves the juiciness of the fish meat. The spices enhance and highlight the taste of the product. How to use: Lightly sprinkle water on the fish and wallow it on all sides in the breading; leave it for a couple of minutes and then fry or roast as usual. Alternatively, mix the breading with water or beer and dip the fish in the dense mixture. It contains table salt!

39005 Giros Top

This is a harmonious mix of carefully selected dried and cut spices, such as black pepper, oregano, thyme, garlic, as well as flavours and flavour enhancers. How to use: Put about 15 g per kilogram of meat. Use either dry, or mixed with cooking oil (as marinade).

66005 Hot spices for skewered meat and roast pork

This product is used to spice up pork specialities – skewers, steaks, rolled meats, bites, loins, fillets. It lends a piquant flavour to the meat and an appetizing colour. How to use: According to personal liking. You can sprinkle the spices on the meat or spread it as marinade after mixing it with cooking oil (and mustard, if you like). It contains table salt!

L 1089 Blockhouse Steak

This is a harmonious mix of coarsely and finely ground spices and herbs. It is suitable for steaks, cutlets, chopped meat, goulash, sauces, etc. How to use: According to personal liking. Spread the mix of spices on the meat as marinade after mixing it with cooking oil.

75000 Taste Intensifier

It supplements and enhances and natural flavour of the products with the combined strength of selected and well balanced spices. It is suitable for soups, sauces, meat products (processed meat), vegetables, and delicatessen, enhancing significantly their savouriness. It reduces the taste of salt! How to use: 1 gram per each kilogram

78001 Universal

For all fans of ultra spicy foods – this spice will make your food as hot as you want to make it, and will contribute to your fast ‘sweating’! How to use: According to personal liking.

10683 Dry breading

Breading mixes have replaced some of the previous methods of achieving a golden crispy crust when cooking pork, beef, chicken, vegetables. They are an easy and fast way to make the meat appetizing and keep it juicy.