Spices and additives in meat processing

48036 Kutter meister pür

phosphate-based additive for meat cutting (Е 450) 3 g/kg

27088 Clucupex Phos II

additive for meat cutting containing phosphates, emulsifier, colour stabilizer (Е 450, Е 451, Е 575, Е 300, Е 316) 4 g/kg mass

22020 Aspex N

colour stabilizer (Е 300, Е 301, Е 330)
for steamed processed meat 1 g/kg mass for raw processed meat 3 g/kg mass

72021 TC - P 25

preparation for injection in non-chopped meat (Е450, Е621,Е301,Е250, Е415) 60 g/l brine

60049 Pökel meat

preparation for injection in hams with high yield on the basis of phosphate and carrageen (Е 451, Е 407, Е 316, Е 621) 70 g/l brine

42067 Ham Star 100

preparation for hams of small pieces of meat, without injection, on the basis of phosphate and carrageen (Е 450, Е 451, Е 407, Е 301, Е 621) 70 g/l brine

60086 Poultry star 50

preparation for injection in chicken meat with high yield, spices and flavours (Е 450, Е 407, Е 621) 70 g/l brine

L 1117 Hydrolin Spetial

processed meat enhancer – a natural product of animal origin lending an intense flavour enhancing the emulsification and consistence 5-10 g/kg mass

11839 Cut – Gel 95

a natural product of the basis of collagen for reduction of losses during boiling and release during vacuum sealing; it enhances yields through its water binding properties 1:15 1% on meat

11873 GN Citrusfaser

a natural product extracted from the cellulose of citric fruits with high water retention capacity. In boiled and smoked non-chopped meats it reduces dropping, in raw dried meats in reduces wastage, and in perishable meats it reduces the release during vacuuming max. 1% of the end product

18326 Starterkulturen SL 52 (Starter cultures)

for ripening of raw dried processed meats; it stabilizes the flavours and the lactic acid fermentation 1 package/100 kg mass

L1687 Zuckerkombinationen

a combination of sugars – culture medium for starters 5.6 g/kg mass

36100 Fresh sell

preserves freshness, stabilizes pH and the natural colour of the product (Е262, Е330) 2-3 g/kg mass

66042 Saftbokwurst

a mix of spices for boiled and smoked processed meats (frankfurters) 6-8 g/kg mass

L1938 Backleberkäse

a mix of spices for leberkäse 8 g/kg mass

75028 Tyroler Aroma

flavour enhancer for meat products 1-3 /kg mass

63086 Rauchwürzel hell

smoke dust 1-3 /kg mass