Rustic salad with Roquefort



1/2 iceberg salad
50 g spinach (salad)
2 tomatoes
1 ripe pear
12 g walnuts
200 g Roquefort cheese
For the dressing:
1 table spoon of lemon juice
3 table spoon of olive oil
Salt, black pepper, red pepper
300 g Bratwurst
Cooking oil


Wash the salads and cut (tear) into large pieces of roughly the same size, and place in a salad bowl. Cut the potatoes in eight pieces and add to the salad. Peel the pear and slice it up, and cut the cheese in pieces. Add them to the salad.
Prepare the salad dressing and pour it in the salad.
Fry the bratwurst for about 6 minutes until you get a crispy brownish crust and serve with the salad.