About us


Our professional approach in the selection of raw materials and resources, our modern equipment, and our strict adherence to technological discipline give us confidence to assure you that every time you taste the products of Microart you will be in for a delicious treat.

We not only produce processed meats, but we also put all of our experience, knowledge and energy into the provision of products that meet the requirements of the most fastidious culinary experts; products which always bring a festive mood to your table; delicatessen which you will want to taste again.


To become the best in our industry, we have chosen to work with partners who have long years of experience, traditions and an innovative approach in production:

ODORE Germany

spices and additives for the food industry


air dryers, heat chambers, intense cooling lines

The german experience in our sausages

Germany is among the top-ranking countries with highest level of per capita processed meat consumption. The habit of consuming processed meat with every meal has developed the industry to such an extent that it is now possible to provide a large number of options for quick and easy preparation of delicious cooked meals with processed meats.

In this day and age customers require an ever greater variety of products, ever faster service, and ever more delicious and wholesome food products, and it is far more practical to use Germany’s traditions and experience and to integrate meals made with processed meat in our cuisine.

We present to your attention the most popular German sausages and some great ideas about how to prepare meals with them.